We are here to be part of the climate change solution

As our society moves towards a new low carbon emissions reality, ALVORA is here to supply global markets with all the offset credits they need through this transition, by paying farmers to capture greenhouse gases that are hard to abate in other industries.

What is ALVORA?

ALVORA is a brazilian Climate Tech startup company addressing the issue of quantify and accredit carbon credits  in a global scale. We use remote sensing and advanced machine learning techniques to supply the global carbon offset markets with all the carbon credit they need to create a sustainable world.

What we do

1st - Farmers remove carbon.

When farmers uses sustainable farming practices, they store remove carbon from atmosphere and stores it in their soil . They sign into our app, agrees to the legal terms and start to sell the credits.

2nd - We quantify removals

ALVORA remotely quantify carbon removal that are accredited by third party institutions before go to the virtual wallet.

3rd - We trade the credits

We sell the credits in the wholesale voluntary market and pay back the farmer, charging a small fee for our service.

up to US$ per CO2 ton
Mton CO2 captured potential per year
Billions US$ market potential per year

Grow with us

At our current phase, we are looking for investors and corporate partners to further develop our technology and company. Contact us to know more about how we can work togheter.